Once Upon a Cross

An Easter Musical

Saturday, April 20 • 7:30pm

Sunday, April 21 • 11:00am

Come close and listen to a story that will change your life. A great conflict is about to be decided. This conflict has been gaining momentum since the foundation of the world and nothing can stop this war. Battle lines are being drawn that will determine the fate of the world. On one side stands the Almighty and all of the hosts of Heaven, on the other the enemy and all of the legions of hell. And in the middle -- in the very epicenter of the vicious battle -- there hangs a lone figure on a wooden structure that is stained with blood. This forsaken and condemned man has the appearance of a beaten and broken beggar. But make no mistake, He is a King. His blood is royal beyond comprehension. He knows what is at stake. He knows what is required, He knows the pain and suffering a full and irrevocable victory will cost.

This is the account of events that sound like legend, that stretch the imagination beyond reason. Yet all that you will hear is absolutely and eternally true. Come close and listen to a story that occurred long ago, in a far off land, Once Upon a Cross.

Admission is always free, and no tickets are required.

Easter Egg Hunt 2019.png

Before Saturday evening’s performance of our Easter Musical Once and for All, parents and children from preschool through sixth grade are invited to our annual free Easter Egg Hunt!